• Fuji NXT III

    The NEW NXT III is a highly productive, multi-funcional modular placing machine. Built for speed, it features a faster XY robot and tape feeders, as well as a new H24 head that achieves 35,000 chips per hour. The NXT III supports the smallest parts being used in mass production with extreme placcing accuracy.

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  • CTI Router

    The MR1 is the little brother to our flag ships MR2 and MR3 PCB depanelers. The MR1's purpose is to provide a low cost solution for customers who have lower volume PCB depaneling requirements.

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  • Speedline Aquastorm 200 In-line

    The Electrovert Aquastorm is a versatile, high-performance cleaning system designed to optimize the PCB cleaning process while minimizing overall cost. The Aquastorm features the most advanced cleaning technologies in an energy-efficient design. The Aquastorm 200, with its dual tank design, is ideally suited to RMA and no-clean de-flux applications that require chemistry, as well as removal of water-soluble organic acid flux.

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  • Cluso AOI

    The Cluso Automated Production Engineering (APE) system is the first production tool to provide cost-effective, 100% inspection of first article boards without time-consuming programming. This unique system combines existing CAD, BOM and pick and place mount data with a high resolution scanned image of the board to ensure first article assembiles and documentation are accurate – before entering production.

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